GoldLink's debut album And After That, We Didn’t Talk was originally slated to drop next Friday, but it arrived this morning via Soulection and is now available for consumption on iTunes and Spotify.

GoldLink blends hip hop and electronic music in a style he calls "future bounce." He first made his name collaborating with such distinguished electronic producers as Kaytranada and Sango, and much of AATWDT was created in Rick Rubin's Malibu abode. 

"Whatever world you create, that’s what people are going to be stuck in," GoldLink told Pitchfork last month. "That’s why I’m really keen on the intro and the tracklist. I don’t want the album to feel like one consistent vibe, but rather that you’re going through a lot of emotions at the same time." 

Buy 11-track And After That, We Didn’t Talk on iTunes and stream it via Spotify below.