In the internet age, the fire emoji is a useful tool to relay just how hot something is. It's on par with our VERY HOTTTTT tag. Emojis as a whole have become very important for getting a message across without the use of words. Who's got time for words when attention spans continue to dwindle? You can put a bunch of emojis together, and people will get the idea, even if there is no complete sentence to iterate it. Rappers have already been referencing emojis in their music, but Alex Wiley takes it to the next level by titling his new EP, one singular fire emoji. Yes, just one is enough to express that this is flames.

The Closed Sessions artist recently dropped off a few leaks which appear on one singular fire emoji, including "Sexual Dolphin" and the Kembe X-featured "Right Right." Pouya also appears on the project.

Stream it in full below. Let us know what you think.