This past weekend we've seen plenty of different figures within the rap community speak out against L.A. Clippers' owner Donald Sterling, who finds himself amid controversy following a leaked conversation with his side chick, wherein he makes blatantly racist remarks.

Game launched a boycott campaign against Sterling and the Clippers, and now Steve Stoute has also advocated to boycott the Clippers. During an interview with ESPN, Stoute commented on the leaked audio and the effect it has on sports in general.

"This is a black eye to sports," Stoute said. "It's the league itself. It's the businesses that sponsor this team that have to be appalled with that comment and that racist point of view and they have to stop supporting. And it's the fans that have to say, 'I am not going to buy tickets or things and support a team that has racist comments.' if they don't want African Americans at the game, they don't want Latinos at the game, they don't want women at the game...If that's the feeling, then we all have to stand up and do that. I think the combination of sponsors, owners and the fans boycotting will force the sale of that team." 

Stoute also expressed his disgust with Sterling on Twitter. "I've been getting calls all day about the statements made by the @LAClippers owner Donald Sterling 'Steve how is this #tanning?' It's not #tanning it's a racist with hate in his heart expressing his racist ways. If WE let him get away with this we set ourselves back to the 50's where this mentality was accepted. The fans should boycott the sponsors should boycott ASAP. This is not what the NBA is about.. LA standup and boycott and use your power to cause change."

[via HHDX]