In Steve Harvey's best-seller Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment, the comedian offers straightforward advice to women about how they should navigate the romantic relationships in their lives. He regularly provides his opinions and insights on a range of topics, and recently on his Rolling with Steve Harvey segment, the talk show host returned to giving ladies guidance. This time, he tackled the issue of online dating, telling women that if they're brave enough to travel into the abyss of dating apps, they should take certain precautions. You know, like burner phones.

“You need your regular phone and you need a burner. Did you see The Wire? Get you a phone from Walmart, put you some minutes on that s*** so when you meet a dude, this the phone number you give,” Harvey said. “His ass get creepy, throw that s*** out the window. Go back down to Walmart, get another one."

“All women that’s dating should have two phones,” Harvey continued. “You need your burner and your regular phone. These new dudes you meet, just give them the burner number in case he turns out to be an asshole or something, then you can just throw the phone out the window. Talk to him on that. Then, when you think he’s OK, give him your number and start FaceTiming him.”

“The technology can work to your advantage, ladies, if you don’t use it as a hunting tool,” Harvey went on to say. “All you want to do is show the hunter, which is us, the man, that you’re available. Present yourselves, ladies, don’t hunt. Just present yourself. The hunter, we gon’ find you ’cause we hunt all day. All you got to do is show yourself available.”

Some audience members added their two cents by saying that women can use apps that will hide their real phone number or "just block a number." What else would you do to keep the crazies away?