Fox Sports host Doug Gottlieb ruffled some feathers when he took to twitter on April 11 and hit send on the following tweet, "Biggest myth in basketball... NYC has ball players."

Although the tweet was sent days ago, it only caught the attention of Brooklyn-native Stephon Marbury on Monday night, which led to an epic twitter exchange.

After that tweet hit Marbury's timeline, he sent out an exhausting amount of jabs directed at Gottlieb, who then attempted to clarify his comments amid the onslaught. 

Even Baron Davis got in on the action.

Scroll down to check out a portion of Marbury's thoughts about Gottlieb, as well as the latter's rebuttal.

Says Gottlieb:

"Ok. I’ve had enough. Steph made up some bullshit about “abusing me” we played against each other once... he made 1 shot. I replaced Chauncey Billups on the Magic’s Roundball Game,Sonny has sponsored our team for years, I was next guy up w/SONNY ties, I remain grateful (1)"

"The idea that Stephon Marbury has the balls to call me out and my late father cause I don’t think NYC has nearly the players they used to have shows his ignorance. My dad was a NYer. From the Bronx, played at the Rucker, in fact the first white dude to play there (2)"

"Besides the idea that he makes this about me and him, lying about “taking turns” since we never played against the Gauchos in Vegas (they lost early) nor ABCD (same thing), I’m not sure what he is describing but it sounds tough on Twitter."

"Outside of Cole Anthony, NYC isn’t popping out Shammgods and Marburys like they used to. That is the point. I didn’t make it, and it wasn’t cause of my dad, it is because I couldn’t make a shot in college. See, us grown ups realize and own our failings."