Stephen A. Smith has been having the time of his life this season as the Dallas Cowboys have been an "accident waiting to happen." Despite starting the season 3-0, the Cowboys are now 7-8 and only have a 28 percent chance of making it to the postseason. Smith is a huge Cowboys hater and every time they lose, he parades himself around the ESPN offices with a cowboy hat. He typically throws out some insults in their direction and provides some hilarious commentary on how bad the team is losing.

Today, Smith had his best day yet as last night, the Cowboys lost an important divisional game to the Philadelphia Eagles. Instead of his usual bit of antics, Smith decided to run victory laps around the halls of ESPN, including the set of Get Up!. Smith wasn't even scheduled to be on the show but he managed to get some screen time anyway.

After showcasing his running ability, Smith opened First Take with a monologue where he addressed all of the Cowboys fans out there. At this point, Smith is just taunting these poor people although it never ceases to be funny. Cowboys fans are always quick to hail their team as the best in the league and now that they're failing, Smith is simply calling them out for it.

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