If there is one team in the NFL that Stephen A. Smith hates, it's the Dallas Cowboys. Every single season, Smith comes through with a plethora of Cowboys slander that never fails to make us laugh. It's painfully clear that Smith has some disdain for the franchise and loves to troll their fanbase who is constantly claiming they can win a championship. Smith has been particularly funny this season thanks to the Cowboys slump late in the season. On Sunday, the Cowboys will be battling the Philadelphia Eagles to see who has the best shot at winning the NFC East. 

To celebrate this big game, the First Take crew is in Philadelphia. As someone who used to work in Philly, Smith is seen as a larger than life figure in the city and was given a hero's welcome while arriving at the set. Smith was led in by the Eagles mascot as well as some cheerleaders. Overall, it was a pretty grand entrance that you need to check out.

Should the Philadelphia Eagles win this game, the Cowboys will fall to a record of 7-8 which is pretty abysmal when you consider how they started the season 3-0. It's going to be an amazing game that will surely see some hilarious reactions from Smith on the following Monday.

Who do you have winning this game? The struggling Eagles or the free-falling Cowboys?