Stephen A. Smith is a legendary broadcaster and he is known for being a huge fan of the New York Knicks. Unfortunately, the Knicks haven't given him much to cheer about over the last decade or so, but this year, there seems to be something fresh in the air. The Knicks are currently holding on to a playoff spot, and as it stands, the team looks like it is building a brand new culture that every fan should be excited and happy about.

The team is not without its problems, however, especially when it comes to owner James Dolan. Recently, Dolan had a fan escorted out of Madison Square Garden after wearing a "Ban Dolan" shirt to a game. Smith was angered by this and took to First Take today with some less than complimentary remarks for Dolan. In nicer terms, Smith claimed that Dolan is extremely immature.

"I'm so disgusted I don't even know where to begin. ... They have a grown man as an owner who's a child," Smith said. Smith has never had nice things to say about Dolan although this time around, Smith was particularly mad especially since the Knicks have been doing so well as of late. Smith made sure to make note of the strides the Knicks have made over the past few months, and he feels like all Dolan needs to do is just shut up.

These are sentiments that Knicks fans know all too well, and it only makes sense that it was Stephen A. who summed it all up so well.

Stephen A. Smith

Mitchell Leff/BIG3/Getty Images