Over the past few months, there has been a debate surrounding the term "owner" and whether or not it's appropriate to use in the NBA. The argument is that the term "owner" has a bit of a racist connotation since it suggests the owners actually "own" the players on the team. This has created some friction between those who share opposing views. In today's climate, racial connotations can be a quite a sensitive spot and people feel extremely passionate about these topics.

During Tuesday's episode of ESPN's First Take, Stephen A. Smith let his thoughts be heard on the subject. Smith had already issued a hilarious rant on the topic last month but yesterday, he was much more diplomatic about it all. While speaking to Will Cain, Smith explained how he feels the term "owner" should remain and that it doesn't necessarily mean the owners "own" the humans on the team. Instead, Smith believes "owner" just means you have complete control over the operations of the team and even likened it to owning a home.


Smith's perspective is definitely an interesting one as most people seem to be all for the elimination of "owner." Adam Silver has come out in the past to say the owners are referred to as "governors" during meetings and that the league is sensitive to the racial implications involved.

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