There has been a big debate amongst NBA teams lately over whether or not they should do away with the term "owner." For many, the term has a racist connotation that dates all the way back to slavery. For this reason, some teams have already started referring to their owners as chairman, while the NBA explained that they actually call the owners "governors." One of the people that would like to see the term "owner" go away is Reverend Al Sharpton who shared his thoughts with TMZ.

"Many of the NBA players are descendants of people that were enslaved," Sharpton explained. "When we hear the term owner, it's a much different connotation than other people."

Sharpton said he's happy to see teams making the change and that every league should be following suit. At the end of that day, it's about making the athletes who make you a lot of money, comfortable.

"I think that if you want to respect people that are making you a lot of money, you ought to be sensitive and how they are relating to you and how they want a title that doesn't make them uncomfortable," said Sharpton.

How do you feel about this issue? Is the NBA right for wanting to make this change?