We previously reported on the projection related to the Star Wars trilogy, The Rise of The Skywalker possibly obliterating Cats at the box office. Indeed, with Cats projected to bring in a mediocre return of roughly $15.5M dollars in domestic sales, the Rise of Skywalker was anticipated to surpass it completely with projections landing between $175 to $200M dollars in domestic sales only. The disturbing film adaptation of Cats was a huge risk and thus it was fair to expect it would not do as well. And now the numbers are in, according to Variety reports, to confirm that the previous assumptions were right. According to the aforementioned source, Cats generated a meagre $2.6M this past Friday and is expected to only rack in $8M by this weekend. Such a number is disappointingly much lower than its projected numbers. As for The Rise of the Skywalker, numbers are looking very good. 

This weekend alone the new Star Wars movie generated $195M dollars in box office sales and is expected to make much more money. The numbers were yielded from the movie's opening across 4,406 different locations. Movie projections of $175M dollars still hold as the movie went beyond expectations. Congratulations to the cast and all involved.