New reports by TMZ indicate that Stan Lee's daughter, Joan Celia Lee, is motioning lawsuits against her late father's manager Max Anderson. The daughter of the deceased comic book writer claims Anderson was in charge of managing Stan's memorabilia bookings, wherein Stan attended numerous events to sign autographs and meet fans. Allegedly, Max Anderson was a Comicon security guard at the time who went onto befriending Lee in what she calls a "sinister plot" to gain his trust.

Relatedly, the legal documents detail that Anderson often gave Lee documents to sign although he couldn't comprehend nor read anything he was reading at the time. Celia Lee claims Max knew of this and coherced her father through what she called "violent interactions" to have "total control" of Stan Lee's business affairs. She vouches staff members such as drivers, security guards and more have bore witness to the elder abuse. Additionally, Lee's daughter alleges the former manager was skimming tons of money from her father.

Considerably, this would be yet another individual getting dragged since Stan Lee's natural death. We also reported on Stan Lee's ex-manager Keya Morgan also getting arrested on elder abuse charges. We expect more details on this later.