There's no doubt that when it comes to streaming services, Spotify's leading the pack. They've constantly innovated their platform to keep users more engaged with every new feature they add on. Recently, they began to show song credits for users to get more information about whatever their listening to. Now, they've launched a new feature which allows its users to add information to song credits. 

According to Variety's report, Spotify is now allowing its users to help add metadata to their songs with Line-Up, a new music metadata editor. The app is accessible through the desktop app by clicking the three dots next to the album, song or artist and choosing the "suggest an edit" option. The new feature allows fans to suggest different information pertaining to the song including an artists alias, explicitness and more. There's even an option to select what kind of mood the song is. 

"Listeners describe music in different ways, and understanding that information will help improve, extend, and confirm the information that describes music on Spotify," a Spotify spokesperson said.

However, this option simply acts as a suggestion more so than an actual edit. Through submissions, Spotify will review the suggested edits and make sure it matches up to what other users also suggest. They also check to see on how accurate your past suggestions have been. If you're totally off from what other people suggest in past edits, it might be harder for your contributions to be considered. 


 Image via Spotify.