Spike Lee got lucky (or maybe knew ahead of time) that the New York Knicks would be playing a home game on the same night as the 88th Annual Academy Awards, which he had previously pledged to boycott. The talented director and famed Knicks fan followed through on his promise, attending the Knicks game and not the Oscars. That’s not to say he didn’t give a little nod to the occasion, though.

Lee busted out his shiny pair of “Oscars” Air Jordan 6 sneakers and donned a sharp suit for the game. If he wasn’t going to attend the official red carpet, Spike decided to create one of his own. Lee doesn’t wear this particular pair often, so it must have been on purpose. Unfortunately, Lee’s home team Knicks lost to the visiting Miami Heat, and endured a somewhat embarrassing end to the game in the process.

Doubly unfortunate is the fact that these dope kicks will never be available for our public consumption.