While Spike Lee and Michael B. Jordan were celebrating their Oscar nominations, and subsequent wins, the two stars also come together as Spike Lee crafted a new campaign with luxury fashion house Coach under the theme "#WordsMatter."

As if timed perfectly, the arrival of the film aligns with the aftermath of Lee and others' calls for boycotts of houses like Gucci and Prada following allegations of blackface used in their design.

Coach's new campaign is effectively labeled as a Spike Lee Joint as the legendary director created the project with his children, Satchel and Jackson Lee. According to Coach,  the project is "a short film about dropping negativity, embracing optimism, and choosing words that make a difference." 

"Spike’s art has moved the cultural dial for decades," says MBJ. "I’m proud of the powerful messaging of this film and to be working alongside a brand that cares about putting that narrative into the world as much as I do.”

The whole film lasts for a minute and a half and gives us a nice glimpse into what a full-on collaboration between Spike Lee and Michael B. Jordan could turn out to be. We'll likely be seeing more full-fledged Spike Lee joints in the future, though, as Lee celebrated his first non-honorary Oscar at the Academy Awards last week for BlacKkKlansman, and its success could very well signal more outputs from the 40 Acres house.