Spencer Dinwiddie has shown himself to be one of the best sixth men in the NBA this season and has a fantastic campaign with the Brooklyn Nets who many wrote off when it came to making the playoffs. Dinwiddie and the Nets have proved everyone wrong as they are currently sixth place in the Eastern Conference and will most likely hang on to make the postseason. The postseason begins on April 13th just 13 days before the release of Avengers: Endgame. This is significant because Dinwiddie is a huge superhero fan and doesn't want the league to force him to play on the day the film releases, April 26th.

The trailer for the new Marvel film dropped today and Dinwiddie is clearly excited about it.

Depending on where the Nets finish in the standings, they will most likely be underdogs in their series which means they might not even be playing by the time April 26th rolls around. While we're sure Dinwiddie would prefer to be battling for an NBA title, he might not have to worry about missing out on the Avengers premiere if his team is bounced from the playoffs.

Dinwiddie has made his love of superheroes clear in the past as he said that when he retires, he wants to make a fully functional Iron Man suit.