The Brooklyn Nets have been somewhat of a pleasant surprise in the NBA this season. Kind of like what the Sacramento Kings are doing out west, the Nets are maintaining a playoff pace and sit in sixth place in the Eastern Conference with a record of 32-31. One of the reasons why the team is doing so well is Spencer Dinwiddie who is averaging 17.2 points per game this season. While he's missed the last 14 games with an injury, he will be coming back to the lineup tonight against the Charlotte Hornets. While Dinwiddie is only 25 years old, he is already excited about what he might end up doing with his retirement. 

During an interview on the HoopsHype Podcast with Alex Kennedy, Dinwiddie said that he plans on building a fully-functional Iron Man suit. In the clip below, Dinwiddie acknowledges that it could cost him up to $100 million but he's still willing to get it done.