One of the most commonly cited, quoted and laughed-about Drake lyrics is the almost impossibly arrogant "I wear every single chain, even when I'm in the house" in "Started From The Bottom." Ringing a little hyperbolic when rapped by Drizzy, the lyric seemed slightly out of character for the usually-relatively-humble rapper, and now we may know why: it was inspired by Soulja Boy.

The ATL rapper, who worked with Drake on a remix of "We Made It," says that the Canadian MC "got that shit from me" in a new interview with Vlad TV. Read an expert below, and watch the full interview below that:

“I wear my jewelry all the time. What Drake said in that song? ‘I wear all my chains on even when I’m in the house.’ He got that shit from me. You know what I’m saying? I’m in the house I got four, five chains on, but that just—I don’t know. Cause I never had nothing. I come from the hood. I come from the ghetto. I come from the brokest hood in Atlanta, Georgia on the West Side. I never had shit, so when I made my first million dollars at 17 I said ‘Nigga, I’mma ball out. I want niggas to know that I made it.’ So, this is a statement of me not having nothing and coming to being something. Making nothing to something.”