Snoop Dogg is a baller in every sense of the word. He has an avid hoops fan and has participated in many basketball exhibitions, including the 2014 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game. This weekend, he heads to Flint to host a basketball fundraiser called "Hoops 4 Water." The event is being organized by former Toronto Raptors star and Flint native Morris Peterson.

"I'll tell you what, Snoop loves Flint," Peterson told Michigan Live. "He is doing this from his heart, and he's not asking for a dime. He's coming down here on his own merit, and he's concerned with what he can do for the city... We want to make people feel good and continue to bring awareness to the Flint water crisis. I don't want it just to be swept under the rug and this is one of my ways of giving back just to bring people together and forgetting about everything for a few hours."

"Hoop 4 Water" is scheduled to go down Saturday, May 21 at 2 P.M. at the Dort Federal Event Center in Flint. Tickets are going for anywhere from $10 to $100. All proceeds will go to the Morris Peterson Jr. Foundation. Check out the flyer below.