Snoop Dogg has done it all. The man stands as a forefather of gangsta rap, a journey that kicked off twenty years ago with his classic-album Doggystyle. Since then, Snoop has dabbled in gospel, acting, reality TV, football coaching, and of course, brief toe-dips into the R&B pool. Now, with the "King of R&B" discourse reaching feverish heights, Snoop has decided to stake his claim on the throne, unexpected claimant though he may be. 

Citing "Sensual Seduction" as exhibit A, Snoop seems to feel confident in his assessment; of course, the single is an undisputed banger, and one that highlight's the Doggfather's versatility. Of course, the fact that his "R&B" joints are so sparing make it feel like Snoop is merely having some fun, though sometimes the truth can be revealed in jest. Who can really talk down to Snoop, given all he's contributed to the game? 

As of now, the "King of R&B" discussion wages on. Whether or not we reach a conclusion is anybody's guess. If it were up to 21 Savage, however, the "old grumpy ass OGs" would allow the young artists some much needed time to shine. What do you think? Is the sheer infectious charm of "Sensual Seduction" enough to merit consideration?