We've seen many rising talents get frustrated over the way today's hip-hop is critiqued by OGs as people like Lil Yachty, YBN Cordae, and others have spoken about the generational divide in different manners. Personalities like Ebro Darden and Funk Flex have been labelled haters because of their opinions on the current state of the game. While it doesn't look like things will necessarily change soon, lyricism was put in the spotlight as rappers like JID rose the ranks in 2018. 21 Savage had something to say about OGs speaking poorly about the new cats, urging them to give the music a chance.

The Atlanta artist updated his Instagram story with a PSA for all the haters out there. "Cmon grandpa," started Savage. "Y'all old ass n***as gotta start letting the young n***as shine... Y'all don't give us no game or help but be ready to go against us every chance y'all get Grumpy ass." It's possible that the rapper is referring to the current drama in the R&B world after Jacquees claimed he was the king of the genre. This could also just be a general statement for anybody if the shoe fits. 

21 Savage is currently preparing his upcoming album for a December 21 release. We all presumed it would arrive last week but 21 hit the pump fake, joking that he "forgot" to release the album.