Snoop Dogg took to Instagram today to show appreciation to Hailey Baldwin, thanks to her incredible oversized vintage Snoop Dogg t-shirt. In the post, Snoop simply says "Hey hailey 🔥✨💥👍🏿," in an incredible instance of real recognizes real.

As seen in the Instagram post, the t-shirt has Snoop Dogg's face featured multiple times on it in varying different sizes. The shirt also has his name on it in all caps, making sure you know exactly who she's repping. Baldwin also wore a pair of flashy yellow jogging pants and some high top white shoes to complete the 90s inspired outfit.

Baldwin has always been known for her streetwear-inspired outfits and this latest one with Snoop Dogg at the forefront is no different. We just hope that her fiance Justin Bieber didn't take Snoop Dogg's shout out the wrong way. Besides, Snoop Dogg has always been known to shout out those who pay hommage.