Snoop Dogg's definitely achieved the funky sound he was going for on his Pharrell-produced album BUSH. Although labeled as a Snoop Dogg album, it definitely feels like an entire collaborative effort. During a recent interview with VIBE prior to a show in California, Snoop spoke on how the funky sound and Pharrell merged together to create BUSH, and revealed in the process that he's got a Nate Dogg song we've yet to hear.

Snoop x Nate have created some memorable and iconic West Coast collaborations, so it's crazy to think that even though the legendary singer passed away, we may still be able to get another one of those collabs. When asked about any records that didn't end up making BUSH, Snoop said there was just one, which was not produced by P.

He went on to offer more details, "It was called 'Wintertime in June.' It was a song with Nate Dogg on the hook and the bridge. I could never write to it. I had it for about a year before I tried to do something to it because every time I would try to write, I would get emotional and cry, and couldn’t finish it ‘cause the way he was singing on it, the sh-t he was saying. So I ended up giving it to a writer to write it for me and he wrote the shit out of it and he sounded good. It felt good and Pharrell loved it. It’s just the producer didn’t like the way the mix sounded because when I had did it, I did it on a two-track and then he ended up separating it. And when he separated it, it didn’t feel like it felt on the two-track," Snoop explained.

Will we ever get to hear "Wintertime in June"? Snoop replied, "I hope we do. That shit is deep. It’s dope." No doubt. 

For old time's sake, here are two goodies.