Snoop Dogg & HaHa Davis Team Up For "Dis Finna Be A Breeze"

Mitch Findlay
November 03, 2017 17:06

Somebody better call the "Guard!"

While Snoop Dogg has recently drawn the ire from ardent Donald Trump supporters over his controversial take on Ice Cube's Death Certificate cover, hip-hop's collective uncle clearly has a lighter side. The man is no stranger to comedy, and he took up-and-coming comedian HaHa Davis under his wing for a day of Madden, basketball, Hennessy, and a metric ton of weed. And while the activities may seem intense for some, remember that HaHa Davis is known for his famous saying, "this finna be a breeze!" However, he generally tends to realize that many of these so-called breezes are in fact the opposite, and partying with the Doggfather is no exception.

Before going into the clip, it should be noted that HaHa deserves some props for this. First, Gucci Mane made reference to his work, and now he's turning up with Snoop Dogg. It's definitely a good look for the comedian, who has been killing it on Instagram and Twitter with his short, and often hilarious clips. As for the video, it definitely manages to capture the song's mischievous vibe, as Snoop and HaHa indulge in some of life's finer things. At one point, the duo are shooting some hoops at a dope-ass private basketball course, and you have to wonder, is that in the studio? Or is it actually located in Snoop's house? So many questions.

In keeping with Snoop's recent Make America Crip Again album, the color palette of "Dis Finna Be A Breeze" is notably blue. If you haven't checked it out, be sure to go vibe with Snoop's latest, especially if you're feeling like reveling in some anti-government vibes. Surprisingly, Trump has yet to tweet about Snoop Dogg's alternate album cover, but he has previously sparred with Snoop over a music video depicting his assassination. 

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