Dez Bryant is one of the most infamous wide receivers in the history of the Dallas Cowboys. His skills on the field are unquestionably great. While in his prime, Bryant was a man on a mission who could make quick work of your secondary. Unfortunately for Bryant, he was released by the Cowboys just a couple of years ago and eventually injured his Achilles while working out with the New Orleans Saints. Since then, Bryant has been rehabbing his injury and is looking to make a comeback in the NFL.

There have been some rumors that Bryant could wind up on the Dallas Cowboys again. As you can imagine, these rumors have greatly disturbed FS1 analyst Skip Bayless. On today's episode of Undisputed, Bayless lamented over the possibility of Bryant coming back and what it would take for him to work within the Cowboys system. As Bayless explains, he thinks Dez needs to take a limited role.

"Did Dez wreck Dak's sophomore year in the NFL? Yes he did. But I can see this if Dez Bryant has humbled himself, to the point that he would accept the Jason Witten-type role," Bayless said. The host even tried to claim Bryant should play tight end every now and then although Shannon Sharpe quickly shut that down.

Needless to say, if Bryant does sign with the Cowboys, Bayless will be in a shambolic state.