While Ski Mask The Slump God is no doubt mourning the loss of his friend XXXTentacion, one week ago he was celebrating his inclusion on the 2018 XXL Freshman class. It's crazy to think on how fast things can change. Still, the Freshman Freestyles continue to drop on a daily basis, and as it happens, the Slump God is next up at bat. Following J.I.D. and Smokepurpp's efforts, The Slump God initially piqued fan curiosity, given his appeal to both lyricists and "mumble rap" fans. Now that his moment has come, how did he fare?

Admittedly, Ski's flow seems tailor made for an instrumental, as he excels are riding a beat. That's not to say he doesn't deliver on the acapella tip, but it does feel like his verse was penned with something specific in mind. Either way, the Slump God holds it down, following up J.I.D's lyrical assault with a respectable effort of his own. "I just send her X-D roar, when I be texting your whore," raps Ski Mask, kicking a playful delivery, look at candy paint on car, it's brown like the Noah's ark." 

Though it might be a little strange to see Ski Mask so animated in the wake of X's passing, remember, the XXL Freshman footage was filmed well in advance. Either way, shout out to Ski for holding it down, and we look forward to hearing him come through for the eventual cypher.