Ski Mask The Slump God & Keith Ape Reunite For The "Achoo!" Video

Aron A.
October 02, 2017 12:42

Ski Mask The Slump God & Keith Ape connect again on "Achoo!"

Ski Mask the Slump God has been turning up over the past several months in terms of collaborations. He's been hitting the studio with artists like A$AP FergLil Yachty and even teased that he'd be dropping a surprise mixtape produced by a "loved producer". While information on the tape is scarce, today he returns with another collaboration under his belt. Alongside Keith Ape, the two of them connect for the eccentric new video for "Achoo!"

Ski Mask The Slump God and Keith Ape connect for their latest collaboration "Achoo!" The video finds the two rappers paying a visit to the hospital. After the nurse checks up on them, the two rappers really elaborate on what's actually making them sick. The song has Keith Ape and SKi Mask The Slump God using the idea of being sick as a metaphor for being fresh. The two rappers flex their swag, jewels and dough on this track. The video was shot by Lyrical Lemonade's Cole Bennett. Bennett bring his crazy style to the mix. While the video is already relatively zany, considering both Keith and Ski Mask are wildin' out inside of a hospital, Bennett also adds his post-production touch to make the video pop out even more. Bennett may be the only director to perfectly match the songs energy and translate it into a video. The production on the track mixes the aggressive 808 bass with some sly keyboard progressions while Keith and Ski Mask kick off some volatile flows.

This isn't the first time both Ski Mask and Keith Ape linked up. The two of them have previously worked together on "Dr. Eggman" and the South Park inspired single, "Going Down To Underwater." Along with "Achoo!", the two of them have another hit underneath their belt. "Achoo!" continues Ski Mask The Slump God's streak of an incredible slew of collaborations he's released in the past few months. 

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