Although Shyne sounded like he wasn't going to retaliate to Game's diss track, it seems he had a change of heart.

Game released a diss track towards Shyne over the weekend, titled "Cough Up A Lung." When Shyne was asked about it, he kept his anger at bay if there was any, as he said he still had love for Game and called him his brother. It looks like he may not have all the love he said he had, as the former Bad Boy rapper released a diss track towards Game last night.

MTV News premiered the record, "Psalms 68 (Guns & Moses)." In it, Shyne starts off spitting acapella, "This little busta named Game wanna rhyme like Po/ Cause I rhyme like gold, I rhyme like I be climbin’ out that Rolls/ The Nine I’ll let it blow, put five up in your clothes/ Head shots leave ya slumped, dumped, reclining at ya door, oh." 

Shyne alleges that Game stole his rapping style from Shyne, and also takes shots at his Jesus Piece album title. "Only God knows, I’m the idol that you bow too/ Realest alive, your red flag is a costume," he continues, "tell Jesus peace and I’ma smile at your wake."

The beef between the former friends started when Shyne went all out against Kendrick Lamar, calling his album "trash," leaving Game to come to K. Dot's defense.

Watch the freestyle below, and let us know what you think. Will Game respond?