Shawty Lo, who has made headlines in the last few weeks leading up to his now-cancelled reality show, "All My Babies' Mamas". The show was to centre around his relationship with his 11 children, and their 10 mothers. The reaction was unsurprisingly negative, and despite attempts to create a petition to get the show back on the air, Lo's network debut seems doomed to fail.

A new report of Lo's arrest yesterday shouldn't make things any easier for the Atlanta rapper. Shawty Lo was allegedly taken into custody yesterday under the charge of "failure to pay child support". A charge that contradicts Shawty's prior defense of the show when he claimed, "I take pride in having been actively present in all my children's lives".

The "Dey Know" rapper was reportedly arrested following a taping of CNN's "Showbiz Tonight" in which he was further discussing the politics of his show. Lo was released on bond this morning, which he took no wait in announcing on instragram. "Wat dey thought!!! Dey den get a chance 2do da paper work!!! #CashBond we fina go turn da city up" read the caption on one of his photos, posted shortly after release.

No details have emerged on the validity of the charge, but seeing that Lo is still set on getting his show picked up, it's in his best interest not to provide more ammunition for the already heavy criticism of "All My Babies' Mamas".

More coverage to follow as details arrive.