Shaquille O'Neal is a big dude. Like, really big. Too big to fit in most spaces designed to hold standard-sized people. Standing over 7 feet tall and weighing 330 lbs, Shaq towers over most of us. It is for this exact reason that an Atlantic City nightclub is taking no chances for this upcoming weekend. Instead of showing him to the regular DJ booth, HQ2 nightclub is building a brand new one to accommodate the big man, making sure he's comfortable while he spins for the adoring crowd.

As one of the most lovable basketball personalities, Shaq has excelled in an analyst role alongside Kenny "The Jet" Smith and Charles Barkley. On the side, it's not unfamiliar to see Shaq getting down in the DJ booth as he's been spinning records for a minute. As an MC, Diesel has had some pretty spectacular moments, spitting alongside some of the all-time greats. When he reaches Atlantic City this Saturday, Shaq should be able to move around quite freely as a group of carpenters is working to lower the floor by two feet. Page Six reports that the organizers thought of simply ripping the roof off of the booth but, as it is made out of steel, it proved to be a more difficult operation than lowering the floor. Either way, it's looking like Shaq will, at last, be able to fit behind the decks, flying in via helicopter this weekend.

In what's bound to be an entertaining evening, it's nice to see that Shaq will be able to enjoy himself as much as the people he'll be partying with.