Recently, the NFL revealed its list of top 100 players in the league. These types of lists always come with quite a bit of controversy as most fans are always against whatever the final rankings are. Not to mention, many of the players on the list are typically offended by their ranking, unless they are ranked number one ahead of their peers. On this year's list, Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens took the top spot while Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs was placed at number four.

While Jackson's ranking was deserved after winning MVP, many were upset as they felt that spot should have gone to Mahomes. Today on FS1's Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe echoed that very same sentiment as he was incredulous at the fact that Mahomes would be so disrespected and placed in fourth, especially after winning a Super Bowl this past year.

Some of Sharpe's followers seemed to disagree with his take although there is no denying that Mahomes should at least be second. He just came off of a Super Bowl win and had it not been for an offside call in the 2019 AFC Championship Game, he would probably have two Super Bowls. Not to mention, he just got paid over $500 million in what is now the richest contract in NFL history.

Put all of the facts together and it's hard to make a case against him.