You don't have to be a stoner to agree that Seth Rogen and James Franco's Pineapple Express is a genuine cinematic classic. Backed by strong performances from the leading pair, as well as co-stars Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Rosie Perez, Kevin Corrigan, and more, the film features a delightful blend of comedy and action, perhaps best represented through the excellent fight scene between Rogen, Franco, and McBride. Today, the movie turns ten, and Seth Rogen has taken to Twitter to share a few behind-the-scenes tidbits about the making-of process. 

Citing the aforementioned fight scene, Seth reveals that the filming process took a physical tole on two of the participants. "Throughout the fight scene in Red’s house in #PineappleExpress, I broke my finger and Danny McBride got his head cracked open when Franco hit him with the bong," he writes. That wasn't the only head injury. "There’s a shot (that’s in the movie) when we are running through the woods, Franco hits his head on a tree. He actually hit his head on a screw that was holding a pad in place and got stitches," reveals Rogen, referring to one of the movie's iconic moments.

For all the Pineapple Express fans out there, this may be exactly the spur you needed to get that rewatch going. Peep Rogen's knowledge below.