Sebastian Telfair was an incredible high school basketball player and enjoyed 12 solid seasons in the NBA. Despite his prowess out on the basketball court, Telfair landed in some heavy legal troubles back in June of 2017 when he was pulled over by police in Brooklyn. He was driving a Ford F-150 at the time and when the police inspected his car, they found marijuana, three pistols, a semi-automatic rifle, ammunition, and a ballistic vest. Telfair ended up pleading not guilty to the charges against him and fought the case in court. According to TMZ, Telfair lost his case as a jury convicted him of possessing a firearm.

Thanks to his conviction, Telfair could face up to 15 years in prison. At 33 years old, Telfair would be coming out of prison at 48 if he were to serve that long of a sentence. 

The former NBA player will be back in court in June where he will be officially sentenced. Stay tuned for updates on Telfair's case as we will be sure to provide new information as soon as it comes along.