Sanaa Lathan looks dazzling in the trailer for Netflix's Nappily Ever After. Based on a book of the same name, the film follows Lathan, who is the "perfect woman" that realizes she needs to break down insecurities to look deeper. Netflix dropped a new trailer for the film, and the plot looks like something Lathan will mold with very well. Her ability to capture emotions with just a simple glance or movement will be needed to bring a drama about hair to life. 

In the trailer, we get to see Lathan struggling with her beautiful ethnic hair from the beginning. All her life she used expensive methods to keep her hair straight, but when her man doesn't propose to her after she expected a ring, she loses her grip. Feeling as if her "perfect hair" isn't enough anymore, Lathan switches it up. First, she cuts it to shoulder length and dyes it blonde, but after another breakdown, she shaves it all off. Her man leaves her and things seem gloomy until Lathan decides to own her new look and take on the world. Check out the trailer below and catch Nappily Ever After when it streams on Netflix starting September 21.