Safaree Samuels has had quite a year thus far. 

Not only did his nudes leak in February, a cataclysmic event that sent Twitter into a tail-spin of of thirst and chaos, but he's had to deal with persistent rumors that he's dating his fellow Love & Hip-Hop: New York star, Juju. 

Well these rumors wont be going away any time soon. Safaree has posted an Instagram pic of the two of them together in a hotel lobby.

Safaree tries to play it off as an coincidence, claiming that he "Ran into this chick was begging me for a pic in the hotel lobby so I said ok cool". However, he followed it up immediately by wishing his co-star a happy birthday, calling her "THE ULTIMATE BC." While he's obviously joking about not knowing who she is, Safaree has to know what posting a picture like this would do to encourage the rumors that the two of them are dating. 

The comments on the post were clearly in favor of the two of them coming out officially as a couple. Many of them expressed how cute they would be as a couple, and one user even wrote that they "see wedding bells". Of course, lots of them simply wished Juju a happy birthday.   

Until one of them says something, these pics are only going to fuel the rumors of their relationship. For now, Love & Hip-Hop: New York fans will have to wait patiently to see if their favorite couple will ever make it official.