Ryan Leslie is facing a new lawsuit from an NYPD officer, for using the detective's voicemail in a song he released back in 2011, "Joan Of Arc." The rapper faced legal troubles earlier this year, when he was taken to court and ordered to pay $1 million reward money to the finder of his laptop. Now a cop is taking him to court, saying the voicemail damaged his career.

Australian supermodel Nicole Trunfio had called the cops on producer/rapper Ryan Leslie in 2011 when he reportedly wouldn't stop calling her and going to her house. Detective Luis Mortimer left a voice message for Ryan regarding this issue as a result, leaving his contact information for Ryan to return the call. Ryan decided to place the voicemail at the end of his record "Joan of Arc." 

Mortimer didn't realize he had a role in Ryan's single until recently, when people started calling him about it. His lawyer, Monica Kipiniak, says, "The song has caused him embarrassment and has damaged his credibility as a detective."

Mortimer says that the rapper exploited his civil rights by using his voice, and he's seeking unspecified damages in a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court earlier this week, the NY Post reports.