Oklahoma City Thunder All Star point guard Russell Westbrook recently made an appearance on Kevin Hart's "Cold As Balls" video series, from the comedian's Laugh Out Loud network. Or, as is turns out, Hart was a guest on Westbrook's show.

During their time in the cold tubs, Westbrook reflected on his days playing with James Harden and Kevin Durant in OKC, shared his opinion of NBA "Super Teams," and contemplated a hypothetical 1-on-1 against LeBron James.

Check out the full clip in the video embedded below.

Westbrook was recently asked about dealing with people criticizing his game, despite the fact he's averaging a triple-double again, and he delivered a perfect response that included the following opener: “I’ve been blessed with the talent to not give a fuck."

His full comments, per NewsOK.com:

“Regardless of what happens, it doesn’t change the way I live, what I think. I have an unbelievable family. Great friends. An unbelievable life. Unbelievable job. I make a lot of money at my job. I’m extremely blessed, thankful, humble. I haven’t been in trouble. I don’t cause no problems. I’m perfectly fine. I’m living my best life and I can’t complain one bit. He say, she say, what somebody says about shooting, passing, dribbling, every year it’s something … they’ve got to make up something about me, which is fine, it’s good. One thing I always know is if they’re not talking about you you’re doing something right.”