Los Angeles Clippers point guard Patrick Beverley has earned a reputation for being a stingy defender and a complete menace on the court who always seems to find a way to get under his opponent's skin. However, according to Russell Westbrook, Beverley isn't as an elite of a defender as everyone thinks.

Following the Houston Rockets' 102-93 victory over the Clippers on Wednesday night, Westbrook laughed off Pat Bev's defensive prowess while pointing out that James Harden went off for 47 points in the win.

“Pat Bev trick y’all man, like he play defense. He don’t guard nobody man. He just running around doing nothing. As you seen what happened. 47."

Westbrook and Beverley have a history with each other that dates back to 2013 when Russ was still a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Beverley was playing for the Rockets. Their on-court beef is always something to watch and it'll be even more interesting to watch moving forward given Westbrook's recent comments - even if Beverley acted unfazed by his remarks last night.

"Don't start that, don't start that," Beverley told ESPN as he exited the Clippers' locker room after being informed of Westbrook's comments. "I don't care about that."

The two teams will meet again in Los Angeles on December 19.