Many know Adult Swim for their animated shows that target older audiences. However, they've had their ears to the streets for a long time. The company is known for being highly-familiar with the culture that their demographic is interested in. Their latest business venture has been announced, and its a collaboration with their longtime friends, hip-hop duo Run the Jewels.

Earlier this morning, Adult Swim announced their inaugural festival, headlined by none other than, Run the Jewels. The event is referred to as a "cultural festival", and will include a marketplace, screenings, comedy performances, and interactive gaming. Considering the wide-ranging demographic of the TV network, this could be an immersive experience for them. “Adult Swim already does television like no one else. Now it’s time to bring that same unique approach to a one-of-a-kind festival experience," Jill King, SVP of marketing and partnerships mentioned. "The Adult Swim Festival will feature everything fans love about us…great shows, cutting edge music, and a passionate community to enjoy it all together.”

With Adult Swim's track record of interesting projects, this is looking to be an interesting prospect. The company has been contributing to music before, through their "Adult Swim Singles," which premiered new music for their collections.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]