Yelawolf's name has been popping up in the greatest light in recent times. Royce Da 5'9" recently took a few shots at his former Shady labelmate on The Allegory song "Overcomer." Although Royce never elaborated too specifically on the issues between himself and Yela, he did simply say it fell under the category of disrespect. Chances of its origin story being revealed in the future is unlikely but it seems like the two have moved past it.

"He was a friend of mine," Royce told Rob Markman about Yelawolf on For The Record. "I felt disrespected by something that transpired, and that was just the way I dealt with it. I felt like I could’ve dealt with it a few different ways. I chose not to, because I don’t want to promote negativity. I don’t want to engage in silly, public, back-and-forth beefs. And I did feel like I needed to hold him accountable."

Although Royce did take their feud to wax, he explained that the two of them did end up finally having some sort of means of communication. "He reached out," Royce said. "Oh yeah, after that he reached out. We didn’t speak, but he reached out after that. I don’t wish him nothing but the best. I don’t wish any ill will on him, or anything like that. But I took offense to what he did and I moved on. It’s not the first time."

Peep the full episode below with the Yelawolf bit kicking off near the 29:30 mark.