DJ Premier and Royce Da 5'9" are sitting on a batch of fire by the name of PRhyme 2. With that set to drop on March 16th, the duo recently connected with Desus & Mero to talk shop. Old heads gather round, although the gospel of Royce and Primo is for everyone. In fact, I recently alluded to the fact that Lil Wayne could outrap up to ninety-five percent of the game; Royce may very well occupy some real estate in that five percent margin. As for Primo, his repertoire speaks for himself. In fact, the man has become synonymous with sample-based, boom-bap production.

Pressing questions like who would emerge victorious from a Slaughterhouse battle rap session are answered (around the eighteen minute mark). "It depend on who can remember they're raps," says Royce, ever the diplomat. "Joell is real good at that. His memory is super sharp. Crooked's memory is terrible, but he's gon' come up with schemes and shit. He's probably got the most battle rap fire in him. Joey, he has like, other layers and shit. While everybody battling he'd probably be sitting there having a cigarette like "fuck ya'll. I would be reluctant to battle any of them." 

Inevitably conversation turns to Royce's "Bad Meets Evil" partner, whereupon Nickel speaks on their meticulous recording process. Apparently Em would lay down a few lines and leave the room before Royce picked up where he left off, preserving that element of surprise. It's no wonder their back and forth verses on "A Kiss" and "Welcome 2 Hell" were so flawlessly executed. From the sound of it, their minds work in similar ways.