Roy Woods' "Something New" Video Is A Ride Through Space With No Sense Of Time

Roy Woods drops off his "Something New" video.

I've said this before and I'll say it again. Roy Woods has come a long way from performing on barrels at Toronto's famed Dudebox parties and posting up quietly at the former Toronto watering hole, Weldon Park. After releasing some music and proving he's got chops, he got signed to OVO and then dropped off four tapes to date. 

His most recent creation is his Say Less EP that shows off his growth, skills and confidence he's acquired from his previous work. "I never want to limit myself to making just one song, I make everything," he previously told Billboard. "I’m still experimenting. I’ll always be experimenting. I can go from hip-hop to sappy songs, I just make whatever I want basically. The production is just based off of my sound and feeling and what I like."

Following up on the 16-track album, Roy has dropped off the official video for "Something New" and it's a pleasing one that takes us through space, giving no sense of time and some pretty dope graphics. The creative looks are helmed by Elliot Clancy Osberg who admits he poured his "heart and soul and most of my brain cells into this one."

It's a job well done and we hope to see more from the whole team. Check it out and let us know what you think. 

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