It looks like Rotimi has a new boo in his life. On Monday, the Power star took to his Instagram to show off and confirm his new girlfriend, Vanessa Mdee, as the two posed in an elevator on date night. She too shared the pic and captioned it, “Monday night is date night,” while he simply put “H E R.”

This post comes just days after the Tanzanian singer confirmed that she was indeed in a relationship with the Power star during an interview on Clouds FM, but they were trying to keep it private. “While in Miami with my boyfriend, it's no secret we are in a relationship, it’s not a secret. But we would like to keep our relationship private. We love and respect each other so much and wanna keep building,” she said last week.

Not only did she say she was in a relationship, but she already said she loved him. “It took me two days...I said, ‘this is my husband,” she said. “Im in love, I love him.”

Its unknown how long the two have been going together for or how they met, but we’re happy for them. Check out her full interview (below) and let us know what you think of the new power couple?