Rory Farrell, co-host of The Joe Budden Podcast and general manager of HennyPalooza, recently sat down for a chat with ItsTheReal. In the lenghty podcast, Farrell speaks on his time as a Def Jam intern, which happened to occur right as Kanye was initially working on his classic album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. And, to nobody's surprise, the Kanye antics were in full swing. 

Farrell recalls an incident in which Kanye brought in a 20 minute version of "Runaway," which featured fifteen minutes of West singing and no Pusha T. "And of course Kanye makes us listen to the full 20 minutes," jokes Farrell. "He shows up out of nowhere at the Def Jam offices like Lupe and Nas trying to get their albums out, in a full suit. He has - I want to say Don C's son, but don't quote me - there's a child dressed identical to him, carrying a Louis Vuitton bag. Comes in and is throwing a fit at how shitty everyone is dressed. So he says, "I'm not doing business today unless everyone here is wearing a suit."

After the entire staff scrambles to find a suit (full-on black tie, no less) Kanye comes back, child still in tow. As Ferrell tells it, "the child opens up his Louis Vuitton bag, throws a blanket over the conference table. Takes out two goblets - the medieval wine glasses. Pours him either white wine or water, it was in one of those unmarked bottles. And Kanye says, "I'm parched. We can begin now."

Fans of Kanye's album should definitely check this out, as it's a nice bit of behind the scenes trivia. Ferrell reveals that the album was originally titled Donda's Boy, and that the idea was to have ten songs, ten minutes apiece. Check out the full interview below - Kanye talk begins around 43 minutes.