While launching a movie during the holidays is a great way to cash in on holiday family viewing habits and lots of free time, it has one drawback: your movie has a very short time to make money in that year. That isn’t the case for “Star Wars: Rogue One,” however. The film is already #3 for domestic box office revenue on the year with $375 million two weeks after its release.

The two movies “Rogue One” is currently sitting behind on the domestic box office charts are “Captain America: Civil War” and “Finding Dory.” That puts “Star Wars” a “mere” $33 million away from taking #2 in less than a month, but it’s unlikely to surpass “Finding Dory,” which made $486 in theaters this year.

Once the new year starts, “Rogue One” will most likely surprise the $1 billion mark, so at this point they’re just chasing these movies for headlines. The real winner here is behind the scenes; each of the top three movies were made by studios that Disney has purchased in the past few years, so all that money is eventually making its way into Disney’s coffers. Life is good when you’re competing with yourself.

[via Variety]