Earlier this season, the New England Patriots acquired wide receiver Josh Gordon from the Cleveland Browns. Gordon has struggled with off the field issues such as addiction for the majority of his career, which have kept him from playing to his full potential. Gordon showed some flashes of brilliance this season, but after a diluted drug test, Gordon was suspended from the team.

Now, team owner Rober Kraft spoke about the suspension with NBC SportsBoston.com where he said he feels for Gordon and that he wants to make sure the wide receiver gets the help he needs.

"He was a real good guy, and there was a connection. Unfortunately, people like that need mentoring at a young age, but when it becomes addiction, addiction is something that is way beyond our ---. We gave him tremendous support on a daily basis, and he was worthy. But I think we as a society have to try to help these young people not to get addicted in the first place. And that's the sad part of this. He's a good guy -- a really good guy. It makes us sad."

Kraft also explained how Gordon was a great teammate in the locker room and that he was someone who came to practice every day willing to work hard. 

The Patriots are currently paying for Gordon's treatment to help cure him of his drug addiction.