Usually, when a team heads to its Super Bowl parade, it's a celebration of a phenomenal season and all of the hard work put in that eventually culminated in a championship. On Tuesday, the New England Patriots did just that. Close to 1.5 million fans showed up to support their favorite team and take part in the parade that the Patriots are all too used to by now. For Rob Gronkowski though, Tuesday's parade got a little bizarre when he was hit in the face by a beer can which caused him to start bleeding and left a cut near his eye.

While appearing with the Lombardi Trophy on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Gronk explained the story.

"I'm just chilling, then boom, pop, full beer can right to the face," Gronk said.

The Tonight Show host then asked Gronkowski if he was going to retire since quarterback Tom Brady has made it clear that he's going to continue with his career.

"First off, I got to see where I'm at," Gronk said. "Right after a season, you can't make a decision, it's so emotional, a big win like that. You got to settle down. You got to see how your body responds."

Gronkowski is 29 years old but has suffered a plethora of injuries throughout his short, yet successful career.