The paparazzi has documented Rihanna's habit of stealing wine-filled glass wear from restaurant for a couple years now. Graham Norton a popular UK television hot, had Rihanna and the rest of the Ocean's 8 cast on his show to promote its summer launch. During a lull in conversation host Graham Norton decided to air a montage of Rihanna's thievery on the teleprompter. He tongue-in-cheek accused Rihanna of being a criminal, warning her co-stars to watch their pockets.

First on the monitor, Norton showed Rihanna with short hair leaving a club with Red Wine, prompting him to ask Riri, "Did you ask permission from the club when you left holding this glass?" The host followed that up with lost of incriminating material, including one photo where Rihanna seemed to walking out of an establishment with an entire bottle of Red, an indication of her growing "social deviance."

Rihanna defended herself by stating "That might have been one I took to the club," she said of one photo. "I took it back to the hotel I took it from," she related to Norton, who playing Devil's Advocate the whole way through, gave her not rope to swing on. Eventually she conceded, "my mom is gonna see this."

Worse yet, she steal your mans. Oh well.