Riff Raff is an emcee who, despite a continuous release schedule and an ever-expanding body of work in the music business, is becoming more known for his work in the porn video industry as of late.

If you remember, we reported about a news item late last month that documented how porn star Bella Elise Rose posted a NSFW clip of her doing the deed with an unseen male counterpart, one Reddit user later theorized that the man in question was indeed Riff Raff, based on the placement of a tattoo that was visible during the on-camera action. There was never any confirmation from Riff Raff on whether or not he actually appeared in the aforementioned video, but Mass Appeal reached out to Bella Elise Rose to confirm the presence of one JODY HiGHROLLER. The statement that was sent back went like this: "It was never meant to be a sex tape, we were just having fun — Okay, so our fun happened to include a camera." Not an outright "yes," but certainly enough to ramp up the speculation. Well, in a new Instagram post, the rumor may have become fact, as Riff Raff is supposedly looking for some additional women to join him and Rose in an upcoming web cam series.


🔥HOT GiRLS 🔥SHOULD FOLLOW MY GiRL @BellaEliseRose AND DM HER TO APPLY TO BE ON OUR NEW WEB CAM SERiES," wrote Riff Raff in the caption, saying that filming would be taking place at the "Pink Princess Palace." "#GirlsOnly OBViOUSLY .... WE ARE HAViNG FUN iN REAL ACTUAL LiFE," he added. There were no other details provided about the web series itself or what exactly would be required of any woman who was chosen to appear on camera with them, but one can only assume that a candidate who chooses to undertake this new role will have to be open-minded at the very least. One thing is pretty well certain at this point though - Riff Raff is getting the most out of his non-musical exploits at the moment.