Rico Nasty Drops Visuals For "Oreo"

December 08, 2018 23:28

Watch the music video for Rico Nasty's single "Oreo" here.

In a recent interview with Stereogum, Rico Nasty revealed that she struggled with her individuality growing up and grappled with self-esteem issues. Today, however, Rico's creativity and unique brand is celebrated and is arguably the defining trait of her brand. "If I knew all this shit was going to be a trend, bro …. Let’s get hella dark. If being weird was cool back then, I would’ve never had to get these tattoos, "she said. "I would’ve never tried to hurt myself. I was so hard on myself on everything: My hair is too short, my hair is too big, I’m too fat. I went through a lot of issues. But if I didn’t go through that, then when I get all of this Instagram hate from bitches who be on air mattresses… "

In a newly released HalfPintz produced visual for her single "Oreo" of her Nasty album, Rico addresses her haters. The colorful video sees Rico riding around town in an eye-catching multicolored ensemble. Rico can be seen brushing off her critics rapping, "Ridin' in a white 'Vette, black rims, Oreo/ Why they don’t like me? Ask them, I don’t know/Is it 'cause they can’t come close? Shit, probably so/If you ain’t gon’ do nothin' then let it go."

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